About Platform-7


Platform-7 is the moniker of event organiser and curator John McKiernan. The name derives from London Bridge railway station in England having 16 platforms but no platform 7 (1993-2016), with few of the 150,000 daily commuters noticing.

Platform-7 creates astute interventions that provide opportunity for people to engage at their own discretion and encourage exploration of the significant in the everyday; to reacquaint with things encountered daily. Often taking place over period of months, the interventions explore how people reach opinion and make important decisions, leading to insights that reveal little understood or less appreciated aspects of life.

Platform-7 brings together a broad and sinuous network of artists, technicians, academics and volunteers who create work, or collaborate, according to project requirements before disbanding. The work generally focuses on social issues and concerns with topics included war, conflict, place, space, regeneration, migration, environment and economy.

Platform-7 works with emerging and established artists, many exhibiting internationally, and a number of UK universities with outputs appearing in studies, analysis and publications. Platform-7 has received awards from Arts Council England, Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC), local authorities, academic institutions and various trusts and foundations.

Image: Platform-7 front page from first website (2009)