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Waste.Agency comments book Stage 1, Leadenhall, 23rd Oct 14 – 3rd February 2015 – click image to enlarge

The comments book was opened on 23rd October 2014 capturing 152 written comments from 1,662 visitors with whom we conversed. A 10% comment rate is higher than would be expected at such an intervention. What proved striking for everyone involved in the Waste.Agency was the supportive and engaging nature consistent throughout the remarks written and typed below; blog post to follow shortly.

Very inspiring project! // LOVED THE CONCEPT AND EXECUTION MADE ME THINK. // Very thought provoking. // Intriguing conversations // It is the way you’ve done it that makes it so special. // A really interesting exhibition! // Stimulating, provoking, warning! // Thanks for making me think. //
LOVED IT! ART COUNCIL SHOULD GIVE FUNDS for things like this // the surface of a deep subject had been scratched. Thank you. // A remarkable subversive attempt of waking us all to think about our waste age // , really really thought provoking / scary // These days, I rarely get inspired by going to art exhibitions. Including big museums, little galleries or alternative spaces. I came here, saw the art, listened to the music, felt the concept and the space…and I’m inspired again DM

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